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Award-winning Journalist Dean Rotbart Interviews KM for Monday Morning Radio

EDIT: The full podcast is available through the same web link mentioned below.

This interview promises to be 45 minutes of incredible conversation between award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart and Kendrick Mercer. Join the podcast on Monday, August 21, at

Dean Rotbart is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, and reputation coach. He advises Fortune 500 CEOs, senior communications executives, business owners, professionals, authors, and a wide array of small businesses and charities on strategies to raise their local, national, and global visibility.

Dean is the originator of a series of training workshops, including Newsroom Confidential, Buzz Snatching, and Reputation Tool Chest. He has served on the faculty of the Wizard Academy for more than a decade and was previously a member of the Academy’s board.

Dean and his wife Talya are the founders of, a popular service that provides in-depth dossiers on the world’s most influential journalists and bloggers. They live in Denver with their two young-adult children, Maxwell and Avital.

Dean Rotbart, host of Monday Morning Radio

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