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Now in his 80s, life and business strategist Kendrick Mercer has led an extraordinary life. Abandoned very early in childhood by his parents and raised under bleak conditions, he escaped the common indoctrinating forces inherent to American culture. Sensing something better was possible and being left to pursue the path of his own instincts, at age six he became a seeker of truth. His subsequent lifelong search to amplify his natural human abilities empowered him to reach the heights of professional achievement and

personal fulfillment. For more than 50 years, thousands of people have enjoyed the transformational power of Mr. Mercer’s business and personal development coaching, which is amplified by an extensive knowledge of history, anthropology, evolution, psychology, and science. Numerous corporate CEOs, presidents, and executives, entrepreneurs, independent business owners, and others have sought his advice.

In December 1985, Mercer moved his law firm to Santa Barbara, California, reopening it as a financial consulting and investment company, Mercer Advisory. In establishing this new business, his intent was to set individuals and their families on the path to financial freedom. He wanted people to go to work because they wanted to, not because they had to. His focus was not only to identify business and financial solutions and free clients financially, but also to remove obstacles to

Mr. Mercer graduated from Willamette University in 1958 with a major in history. He then attended Willamette University Law School, earning a Doctorate of Jurisprudence in 1961. He passed the Oregon State Bar, standing 14th in a field of 400 participants, and then clerked for Judge Gordon Sloan at the Oregon Supreme Court for a year before he joined a law firm in Eugene, Oregon, where he soon became a partner. In 1979, he left the firm of Johnson, Johnson, Harrang, and Mercer to open his own law firm.

happiness and success in other areas of their lives and in their relationships. Highly successful business owners flew in from all over the United States to meet with Mr. Mercer and his team as word of the impact of his coaching spread. As he worked with people, he focused on helping them to become aware of, and break away from, limitations, including fear, pain, ideas, beliefs, patterns, and entanglements that were impeding their ability to experience fulfillment, wellbeing, and abundance. This is when the philosophy of the Whole Self was born. His unique experiences allowed him to see life differently from most people.​

"We can only truly act in our self-interest when we are responding appropriately to objective truth, not belief. Belief has no boundaries, no limits, and is founded on hope. Truth is finite - with immovable boundaries and absolute limits - and is founded on scientific fact."

In 1988, Mr. Mercer founded the Garden Company in Sandpoint, Idaho, a personal growth company to assist people in amplifying their aliveness. From then to the present, he has worked exclusively with private individuals and groups. In 2007, after passing the Garden Company on to his son, Kyle, Kendrick founded the Kendrick Mercer Company. Through it, he continues to lead seminars that create contexts where people can discover their own source of joy and fulfillment so they may live in integrity in every moment of their lives. As he has evolved, Mr. Mercer has discovered a path to facilitate his clients in reawakening their elemental state of being, Whole Self.

Mr. Mercer has three beloved children and two grandchildren. His son, Kyle, lives in Ashland, Oregon, with grandson, Henry. His oldest daughter, Amy, lives on Vashon Island in Washington with her husband, Lyle, and grandson, Sam. Kate lives at home.

For the last 24 years, Mr. Mercer has lived in Stonehaven Cottage on Wahsumka Island on Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. He enjoys island life with his wife, Lori, their daughter, Kate, and their treasured pets. Clients come from all over the United States and Canada to work with Kendrick to find creative solutions for business and personal issues, and to deepen their emotional wellbeing.

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