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At Kendrick Mercer Company, we offer three basic programs.  These offerings have been honed and refined over the past 35 years through Kendrick's coaching of hundreds of people to awaken to the natural state of Whole Self. At rest, Whole Self is a tranquil state of quiet confidence and well-being. In action, it enables us to decipher the truth of each moment and respond spontaneously and appropriately to that truth with minimal effort. Each of these programs brings you into deeper contact with the state of Whole Self, so you may lead a freer, more fulfilled, creative, and inspired life.     


For admission to any of our programs, please contact us directly here to schedule a phone meeting.

The One Day.

The One Day is a one-on-one meeting with Kendrick Mercer designed to pierce the shadows that block you from seeing and experiencing your natural state of Whole Self. The meeting takes place in the comfort and beauty of his home and property on Lake Pond Oreille in Northern Idaho, a natural habitat formed by a retreating glacier. You prepare ahead for your One Day by engaging in a series of phone calls with Kendrick to clarify your goals and responding in writing to questions that he then designs to help you address the specific issues that you have defined as your central focus. 


The One Day begins the night before with arrival at the lake, dinner, and conversation. You then rise, breakfast, and spend the day alone with Kendrick, addressing the issues that are shadowing and clouding your natural state of Whole Self. Departure takes place in the morning after breakfast.

Prerequisite: Reading Kendrick’s book Whole Self, click here.

"Whole Self is our natural state of being. It lies latent, yet accessible, in each of us. It is a state of inner trust that allows all our knowledge to synthesize so we may create new concepts and respond appropriately to real problems in real time in each moment of our lives. Whole Self is tranquil, dynamic, and effective. It is a state free of resistance, anxiety, self-doubt, prejudice, and addiction."

~from the book

The One Year.

The One Year is a year-long program of one-on-one contact with Kendrick Mercer for committed truth seekers. The focus of the program is to maintain, sustain, and amplify the state of Whole Self.

You receive an incredible level of personal support when you enroll in a One Year. Support includes: a scheduled, private monthly phone call with Kendrick to coach you in various life skills and encouragement to place unscheduled calls any time you experience any signs of stress or concern in your life—so you can catch yourself and shift your consciousness at the very moment when your emotions are having their strongest impact on your actions and choices.

Life can be a continuous growth process for seekers, who aim to grow for as long as they are alive. During your One Year, you are invited to reflect on your past and on your intentions/desires for your future, always with the goal of amplifying your awareness of truth.

The One Year program is for people committed to expanded their understanding and implementation of Whole Self. Outcomes you may expect include: a stronger connection with yourself, development of a personal sense of quiet confidence, increased harmony with your family, improved health and finances, and feeling more a part of the world—rather than like someone standing separate from it.

"By piercing the shadows that obscure us from being our Whole Selves we begin to live self-actualized, fulfilled, stress-free lives. As we awaken to the state of Whole Self, we can imagine new solutions to old problems. We can see an inspired new way to be in our lives." ~from the book

Prerequisite: Reading Kendrick’s book Whole Self, click here.

The Mercer Circle.

The Mercer Circle is a group of committed truth seekers versed in the philosophy of Whole Self and interested in continuing the path in a community. Membership is by invitation. Members of the Mercer Circle meet individually and in small groups with Kendrick Mercer at intervals throughout the year. Three times a year, the entire Circle comes together at the lake house. Monthly phone meetings are offered so that the ever-expanding community of Circle members may connect and receive personal support from one another and from Kendrick.


Prerequisite: Reading Kendrick’s book Whole Self, click here.


For admission to any of the programs above, contact us directly here. The next step is up to you; then we will take the next step after that one with you.

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